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While I was browsing TikTok the other night, I accidentally came across the story of how tentacle porn came to be and I though it might be a great intro for this presentation of our new tentacle hentai games category. And weirdly enough it’s because of the second world war if you can believe that. Basically, what happened is that American soldiers who were stationed in Japan introduced pornography in the form of photos and magazines to the Japanese men. But in a try to moralize the country, the Japanese government banned any form of material in which a man’s penis goes anywhere near a woman’s holes. And here’s the interesting part. Japanese pornographers have found a way around that. They just started drawing manga in which the girls were fucked by monsters with tentacles that resembled penises. And from there we have an entire genre of hentai that now got translated into interactive adult games which can be played for free on our site.

And we have lots of them. The tentacle porn games of our site are coming with so much variety that no matter what kind of fantasy you have, it will be pleased in the interactive action of this collection. On top of that, all the games the we feature here are brand new and they come in HTML5, which means amazing graphics and cross platform availability. We’ve worked a bit on this collection and we’re proud of it. And that’s why we’d like to tell you more about the games that we feature in our tentacle sex games and why you should play them all on our site tonight. Read on!

Anime Girls In Distress

Tentacle games are truly popular on the web. However, the sites promoting adult gaming are not focusing a lot on creating diverse and sizable collections featuring this genre. You can find a couple of games on each site and there are just a handful of hentai-based gaming hubs which are offering more than ten titles featuring sexy girls fucked by tentacle monsters. This is where we differ from all the other sites. Although we’re not a hentai dedicated gaming site, we are coming with lots of tentacle hentai games which will please so many of your fantasies.

First of all, the most requested type of games in our collection are the ones featuring teen babes. If you want to see schoolgirls kidnapped and fucked by crazy monsters while they scream, our site has you covered. Besides, we have games in which you can customize the characters, and in some of them you can play with the age of the girls in the games. You can even have MILFs and Matures in the virtual world of tentacle sex games.

Another popular section on this collection is coming with parody games, which means that all of your favorite characters from anime can be fucked by monsters on our site. There’s so much more to discover in this collection. You just need to get on our site and start browsing. I’m sure you will find a game that will make you cum tonight.

Realistic Monsters And Excellent Sex Action

If you’re into hentai games, you’ve probably played them since years ago. Well, let me tell you that you that the action in our collection is going to impress you. The comparison between our HTML5 games and all the Flash porn games you used to play is astonishing. Our games are all new and they come with amazing graphics and with complex gameplay. It’s no longer click-and-play. You will be able to take lots of actions in these tentacle sex games. Not to mention that the games are coming with incredible graphics. I love that although the characters are designed in the classic anime and hentai style, the movements and the physics in the games are making everything look so realistic. And because these are hardcore types of games, the sound engines are also important. The screams are so realistic and you will feel like you’re actually watching Japanese porn movies when you’ll hear the sweet screams that are typical for Asian girls. You will also love how the stories in these games are presented. Although the stories are mostly presented through text, the dialogue is well written and displayed in a way that resembles visual novels. All in all, from a graphics and development point of view, these tentacle hentai games are excellent. Most of the games in this collection are created by the Japanese developers, but there are plenty of western created games and you will notice the cultural differences between them. The western games are kinkier from a sexual point of view, while the Japanese games are way scarier and intense.

Play Tentacle Porn Games Everywhere

The collection of our site is coming with only HTML5 games and all of them were tested by out team so that we could be sure that they work properly on computer, phone and tablet. No matter what operating system your device is running, as long as you can run an up-to-date browser, you will be able to play the games with no worries. That’s right! Although these games are so advanced when it comes to graphics and gameplay, they can all be played directly in your browser. Not only that the games were created to offer a cross platform experience, but our site itself comes with an interface that can be easily navigated on any device. And we also offer a safe and discrete connection. No one will know you’re on your site as long as no one will be busting you playing these games. And we have so many other games in this collection. There are many other games in which sexy girls are ravished by monsters and dominators, plus so many other kinks which will surely please you needs. And everything on our site is coming to you for free. Enjoy!

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  • No Cloud Saving

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